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«Strategic management of beach protection for sustainable development

of Mediterranean coastal zones»



Agreed actions, tools and criteria for the implementation of Mediterranean Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)



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Eight partners are taking part in the GIZC-MED subproject which aims to promote integrated costal zone management in pilot zones belonging to the five candidate regions from the three Mediterranean countries (Greece, Italy and France) involved, and encourage the creation of an integrated management strategy at a Mediterranean and national level. It is common knowledge that the main obstacle to successfully tackling the European Union’s environmental problems is the lack of administrative structures which can facilitate the implementation of common interventions. Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) is now in its advanced development stage as some of its theoretical concepts/principles have already been included in numerous coastline planning programmes, at various levels. Reference documents for the European Union are 2002/413/CE Recommendation issued by the Parliament and the European Council and the Barcelona Convention (specifically for Mediterranean countries) via the project which has recently been kicked off by PAP/RAC (Programme for priority actions/ regional centre initiatives) within the protocol for the integrated management of Mediterranean zones. This subproject aims to bring together any studies conducted in this field in order to create a structure for the integrated managements of coastal zones at a regional level and select one or more pilot zones from each participating regions, or alternatively apply different approaches to ICZM. This subproject has resulted in the following actions: outlining pilot sites in detail, describing coastal evolution and how ICZM principles are to be applied, develop range of scenarios as part of integrated coastal zone management, assessing parameters which show the status of the coasts as well as public policies, establishing intervention criteria and recommending or making use of appropriate tools. Procedures for agreed actions carried out by the different bodies will also be assessed. Conclusions for all initiatives described above and good international practices, as well as conclusions for policies and experience gained in the regions being studied will contribute to the creation of an integrated management strategy at a Mediterranean and national level.


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01 - Stakeholders' Questionnaire Argyrios SapounidisQuestionnaire18/06/2008 205.75 Download
02 - Users' Questionnaire in English Argyrios SapounidisQuestionnaire18/06/2008 219.09 Download
1 - Alexandroupolis Conference 9/11/2006: ICZM-Med Presentation Argyrios SapounidisPresentation12/03/2007 1,420.46 Download
2 - Alexandroupolis Conference 9/11/2006: ICZM-Med Meeting Minutes Argyrios SapounidisProceedings12/03/2007 19.63 Download
3 - Alexandroupolis Conference - 9/11/2006: Photos of the Partners Argyrios SapounidisPhotographs12/03/2007 1,159.67 Download
4 - Genova Meeting Minutes 8/2/2007 Argyrios SapounidisProceedings04/07/2007 257.02 Download
5 - Barcelona Conference 29/06/2006: ICZM-Med Presentation Argyrios SapounidisPresentation04/07/2007 972.90 Download
6 - Barcelona Meeting Minutes 28/6/2007 Argyrios SapounidisMeeting Minutes17/12/2007 184.80 Download
7 - Montpellier Meeting Minutes 29/11/2007 Argyrios SapounidisMeeting Minutes17/12/2007 108.06 Download
8 - Montpellier Conference 30/11/2007: ICZM-Med Presentation Argyrios SapounidisPresentation19/12/2007 3,211.45 Download
ICZM-Med Organization Chart Argyrios SapounidisChart12/03/2007 31.25 Download
Phase A Report in English Argyrios SapounidisReport18/06/2008 818.22 Download
Phase A Report in French Argyrios SapounidisReport18/06/2008 828.36 Download
Phase B Report in English Argyrios SapounidisReport18/06/2008 2,088.07 Download
Phase B Report in French Argyrios SapounidisReport03/08/2007 2,190.61 Download
Phase C Report in French Manuela Di CosimoReport22/01/2009 14,363.65 Download
Presentation Conference de Demarrage des SP, Presentazione Conferenza di Avvio dei SP, SP Start-up Conference Presentation Silvia BellaciccoPresent.04/06/2006 460.65 Download
Summary of Phase A Report in English - Revised Argyrios SapounidisReport06/03/2007 309.14 Download
Summary of Phase A Report in French- Revised Argyrios SapounidisReport06/03/2007 251.86 Download
Summary of Phase B Report in English Argyrios SapounidisReport02/08/2007 517.82 Download
Summary of Phase B Report in French Argyrios SapounidisReport02/08/2007 532.16 Download
Summary of Phase C Report in French Argyrios SapounidisReport18/06/2008 972.96 Download
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