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«Strategic management of beach protection for sustainable development

of Mediterranean coastal zones»

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Optimisation of Integrated Monitoring Techniques Applied to Coastlines


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Quantitative analysis of the morphological and sedimentary evolution of coastlines plays an essential part in the integrated management of coastal zones, and it is especially critical when planning the implementation of future conservation initiatives and assessing their effectiveness. The observation of phenomena has to take place within a limited timeframe and therefore it requires the use of extremely accurate and high quality data gathering and processing procedures. Spatial and temporal data resolution of data has to adapt to all its possible variables in order to obtain a low cost/benefit ratio, which is also required for effective management to take place. Data has to be standardised and managed in order to be widely applicable to Europe. Methodologies based on remote sensing of data (aerial and via satellite using optical sensors and LIDAR), validated by singlebeam and multibeam bathymetric systems and video cameras with high spatial and temporal resolution, will be developed to deal with data gathering. This will fulfill the need to monitor coastal evolution on a regional scale and assess the effectiveness of local interventions. A method will also be developed that will be able to define the coast according to its morphological and sedimentary characteristics. The project will develop, certify and then implement these methodologies to specific pilot zones until a monitoring prototype model has been created which local authorities in the Mediterranean can directly apply to both natural and protected areas, as well as areas undergoing artificial beach nourishment. Special care will be taken with procedures relating to the control of both land and sea related data. The creation of an extended team of partners will enable cross validation of the methodologies that will be applied to the various types of coastal zones.


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2°rapport_d'avancement SuperUser Account 12/03/2007 1,652.82 Download
2èmeDossier_modifications_Optimal Selene pedetta peccia 10/04/2009 65.90 Download
3° - Rapport complet d'avancement Selene pedetta peccia 10/04/2009 646.20 Download
30oct2006 tableau budgétaire Selene pedetta peccia 10/04/2009 38.60 Download
Budget OpTIMAL Administrator 22/12/2006 124.98 Download
Contrat de Subvention, Contratto di Sovvenzione, Subsidy Contract OpTIMAL Administrator 12/10/2006 2,377.04 Download
Convention Interpartenariale, Convenzione Interpartenariale, Cooperation Agreement Selene pedetta peccia 10/04/2009 1,971.83 Download
Description des Partenaires OpTIMAL Administrator 13/11/2006 137.43 Download
Dossier de Candidature consolidé, Dossier di candidatura consolidato, Retained Candidature Form OpTIMAL Administrator 13/11/2006 1,013.51 Download
Dossier de candidature modifié OpTIMAL Administrator 17/03/2008 14.97 Download
III request for budget change-approved OpTIMAL Administrator 04/01/2008 242.36 Download
IV Demande de modification de budget - approuvée Selene pedetta peccia 10/04/2009 42.65 Download
IV Rapport d Avancement OpTIMAL OpTIMAL Administrator 17/03/2008 368.25 Download
Modif budget dossier candid OpTIMAL Administrator 08/10/2007 385.62 Download
modifications budget OpTIMAL Administrator 22/12/2006 493.12 Download
OpTIMAL appointments OpTIMAL Administrator 13/11/2006 217.96 Download
OPTIMAL Rapport d'avancement_1 OpTIMAL Administrator 13/11/2006 1,028.51 Download
Rapport de démarrage OPTIMAL Selene pedetta peccia 10/04/2009 5,525.53 Download
Short Course on Shore Protection Strategies - Marina di Massa OpTIMAL Administrator 13/09/2007 3,624.85 Download
Tableau budgétaire 10 juin 2007 Selene pedetta peccia 10/04/2009 14.97 Download
Tableaux Budgétaires, Tabelle Budgetarie, Budget Tables Selene pedetta pecciaTables20/04/2009 29.97 Download
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 TitleOwnerCategoryLast UpdatedSize (Kb) 
1st Optimal meeting DEFINITIVE PROGRAMME OpTIMAL Administrator 12/09/2006 230.98 Download
Beach Erosion Monitoring OpTIMAL AdministratorBook05/08/2008 6,400.43 Download
EID extended Phase B Report OpTIMAL Administrator 04/01/2008 1,621.47 Download
OANAK Phase A Report OpTIMAL Administrator 04/01/2008 66.75 Download
OANAK Phase B Report OpTIMAL Administrator 04/01/2008 353.08 Download
Présentation CdF Bologna Selene pedetta peccia 10/04/2009 26,953.52 Download
Présentation Conférence de Démarrage des SP, Presentazione Conferenza di Avvio dei SP, SP Start-up Conference Presentation Selene pedetta pecciaPresent.10/04/2009 407.80 Download
Présentation_10_11_06_CdF_OpTIMAL Selene pedetta peccia 10/04/2009 4,258.12 Download
Rapport Phase A OpTIMAL complet - 2e édition Selene pedetta peccia 10/04/2009 6,721.46 Download
Rapport Phase B OpTIMAL étendu Selene pedetta pecciaText20/04/2009 5,911.55 Download
Rapport Phase C version étendue - OpTIMAL OpTIMAL Administrator 05/05/2008 33,755.80 Download
Report webcams Università di Bologna OpTIMAL Administrator 08/11/2006 291.11 Download
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