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«Strategic management of beach protection for sustainable development

of Mediterranean coastal zones»



Management of sand deposits collected by coastal and river infrastructure.

Recovery of sediment transport



The subproject GESA Minimize

Eight partners will take part in the GESA subproject: it aims to carry out a multidisciplinary study of the way sand deposits and sand collected by coastal infrastructure is managed as well as the recovery of sediment transports in river beds. This study will be carried out along various coastal sections of four European countries: 1) Spain, 2) Italy, 3) France and 4) Greece. These European coastal areas share the same problem: defence mechanisms (dams) placed in harbours act as barriers to longitudinal movement of sedimentary deposits when they intercept sand that is naturally moving along the coast. This effect is especially significant in the regions in which the littoral sedimentary drift seems to mainly flow in one direction, which then creates areas strongly affected by erosion which are no longer reached by sand masses. In order to improve sand deposit management, it is necessary to assess the volumetric size of sand reserves along the coast, the sedimentary processes that are responsible for the deposits and the average annual exchange rate between hydro-sedimentary cells. These volumes can be estimated by assessing thickness of sediments recorded via seismic surveys. Sedimentary cycle analysis has to be extended to the river system, reaching the river mouths from which longitudinal sand movements originate. The GESA subproject will take advantage of advanced coastal study techniques, such as: i) Numeric modelling to simulate wave motion, induced currents or entrainment which results from sediments from a well defined section. ii) Aerial photographs which will extend the study’s temporal scope, and iii) Physical models, representing the normal status of a section in a laboratory, or land analysis to define a case study and validate results obtained from modelling, which can then be used on a wider scale.


Administrative and managing documents Minimize
 TitleOwnerCategoryLast UpdatedSize (Kb) 
CANDIDATURE-GESA P3.3 Administrator 13/11/2006 354.85 Download
Contrat de Subvention, Contratto di Sovvenzione, Subsidy Contract Silvia Bellacicco 19/05/2006 0.56 Download
Convention Interpartenariale, Convenzione Interpartenariale, Cooperation Agreement Selene pedetta peccia 10/04/2009 0.56 Download
Dossier de Candidature consolidé, Dossier di candidatura consolidato, Retained Candidature Form Silvia Bellacicco 19/05/2006 0.56 Download
Tableaux Budgétaires, Tabelle Budgetarie, Budget Tables Selene pedetta pecciaTableaux10/04/2009 0.56 Download
Activities technical reports and Presentations Minimize
 TitleOwnerCategoryLast UpdatedSize (Kb) 
1er Rapport d'avancement P3.3 Administrator 02/02/2007 201.28 Download
1st-GESA-Meeting-Minutes P3.3 Administrator 02/02/2007 140.80 Download
2nd-Rapport d'avancement-GESA P3.3 Administrator 02/02/2007 406.76 Download
Agenda-GESA-PartnershipMeeting P3.3 AdministratorPresentation16/01/2008 77.15 Download
Barcelona '07 Meeting - GESA Presentations Phase B P3.3 AdministratorPresentations19/07/2007 16,956.65 Download
Candidature MOD Octobre 2007 P3.3 AdministratorTechnical Reports14/11/2007 728.12 Download
Ched de file-Gesa internal Meeting P3.3 AdministratorPresentation16/01/2008 328.11 Download
Chef de file Conference d'avancement de la fase C (Montellier) P3.3 Administratorpresentation23/01/2008 4,437.67 Download
Chef-de-file-BCN Conference-GESA Phase B P3.3 AdministratorPresentation19/07/2007 3,167.74 Download
DEMANDE-Modifications-Gesa Selene pedetta pecciadocument20/04/2009 246.27 Download
Dossier-Candidature-MOD-February2008 P3.3 AdministratorDossier Candidature27/03/2008 665.98 Download
Dossier-Candidature-MOD-Nov06 P3.3 Administrator 31/01/2007 850.43 Download
GESA Common Data P3.3 Administrator 21/06/2007 395.97 Download
GESA Parnership Meeting: Minutes Phase C-Progress P3.3 AdministratorReport19/12/2007 147.97 Download
Gestion des stocks sableux interceptés par les ouvrages (Phase A, short Version) Silvia BellaciccoTechnical Report13/06/2007 600.30 Download
Gestion des stocks sableux interceptés par les ouvrages (Phase A complete 8/XI/2006) P3.3 AdministratorTechnical Reports08/03/2007 Unknown Download
GEstion des stocks SAbleux interceptés par les ouvrages côtiers et fluviaux. Récupération du transport solide. Phase B complete 25-VI-2007 P3.3 AdministratorTechnical Reports25/06/2007 13,541.11 Download
II Meeting GESA 28 June 2007 P3.3 Administratorpresentations24/10/2007 189.44 Download
P1-ICM- Gesa internal meeting-PhaseC P3.3 AdministratorPresentation16/01/2008 1,669.52 Download
P2-UB.Gesa-internal meetin-Phase C P3.3 AdministratorPresentation16/01/2008 1,552.29 Download
P3-DISTART-Gesa internal meeting-Phase C P3.3 AdministratorPresentation16/01/2008 3,120.63 Download
P4-UFlorence-Gesa intenral meeting-Phase C P3.3 AdministratorPresentation16/01/2008 4,738.45 Download
P6-LEGEM-Gesa internal meeting-Phase C P3.3 AdministratorPresentation16/01/2008 412.22 Download
P7-DUTH-Gesa internal meeting-Phase C (part A) P3.3 AdministratorPresentation16/01/2008 701.32 Download
P7-DUTH-Gesa internal meeting-Phase C(part B) P3.3 AdministratorPresentation16/01/2008 3,923.53 Download
P8-IACM-Gesa internal meeting-Phase C P3.3 AdministratorPresentation16/01/2008 478.06 Download
Présentation Chef de file - Fase A Athens 11/2006 Selene pedetta pecciaPresentation10/04/2009 2,746.86 Download
Présentation Conférence de Démarrage des SP, Presentazione Conferenza di Avvio dei SP, SP Start-up Conference Presentation Selene pedetta pecciaPresent.10/04/2009 400.76 Download
Présentation ROMA Phase C Selene pedetta pecciaPresentation10/04/2009 7,131.80 Download
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