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«Strategic management of beach protection for sustainable development

of Mediterranean coastal zones»



Characterisation of hydrometeorological conditions of coastlines, coastlines risk analysis, behaviour of protective measures and dynamics of Posidonia oceanica grasslands


The subproject NAUSICAA Minimize

The proposal for measure 2.2 of the BEACHMED-e project includes five public research bodies, belonging to three countries within the European Union, and four different regions which will work together for 24 months. This project aims to study the dynamics of the coastlines and their consequences by focusing on the four scientific research areas shown below: 1. Characterisation of wave climates and hydrodynamic and weather conditions based on measurements and modelling. 2. The study of erosion and sea storms in coastal zones. 3. The study of deterioration processes of artificial coastal protection mechanisms and the development of methods for the monitoring and prediction of their behaviour. 4. The study of interaction between wave movement and marine biotopes (samples of Posidonia oceanica grasslands). These features will be studied in a number of sites located throughout the various partner regions. The sites that will be studied will mainly consist of sandy coastlines, along with any artificial coastal protection structures and/or Posidonia oceanica grasslands. The management of these features will be mainly based on the valid assessment of coastal hydrodynamic factors for the zones under analysis. Work carried out by the research team will therefore all have to be carried out using numeric modelling and on-site measurement of coastal hydrodynamic and hydrosedimentary processes. Partners have also adopted the same methodology which has been summarised below: 1. Selection of study sites based on issues being analysed and bibliographical summary of hydrodynamic data and other data available at these sites. 2. Organisation and implementation of campaigns aimed at hydrodynamic measurement based on various temporal and spatial scales at these sites. 3. Modelling of hydrodynamic, hydrosedimentary and/or hydrobiological processes validated and adjusted according to existing measurements and/or measurements gained at the sites taking part in the project. 4. Implementation of ad hoc products for the various issues being analysed: Hydrodynamic atlas of the coastline (erosion and sea storms), establishing CSI (Coastal State Indicators), maps showing Posidonia oceanica dynamics and summary documents. 5. Implementation (or updating) of databases and websites, in order to allow for archiving of obtained data and modelling results. This will create core documentation which can be quickly accessed by those in charge of managing the coastlines.


Administrative and managing documents Minimize
 TitleOwnerCategoryLast UpdatedSize (Kb) 
"Rendez-vous" form: appointments for the NAUSICAA fellowship P2.2 AdministratorPDF file17/01/2008 275.85 Download
Contrat de Subvention, Contratto di Sovvenzione, Subsidy Contract P2.2 AdministratorPDF file01/10/2006 325.54 Download
Convention Interpartenariale, Convenzione Interpartenariale, Cooperation Agreement Selene pedetta pecciaPDF file10/04/2009 392.53 Download
Dossier de Candidature consolidé, Dossier di candidatura consolidato, Retained Candidature Form P2.2 AdministratorPDF file01/10/2006 566.12 Download
Link to GLADYS site and PHASE C report (long version) P2.2 Administratorlink to web site (and PDF file)18/02/2008 Unknown Download
Report "avancement" - MODEL FOR PARTNERS P2.2 Administrator.doc17/01/2008 1,883.14 Download
Report "avancement" for jan/jun 2006 P2.2 Administrator.doc17/01/2008 1,312.77 Download
Report "avancement" for jan/jun 2007 P2.2 Administrator.doc17/01/2008 1,899.52 Download
Report "avancement" for jul/dec 2006 P2.2 Administrator.doc17/01/2008 1,220.10 Download
Tableaux Budgétaires, Tabelle Budgetarie, Budget Tables Selene pedetta pecciaTableaux10/04/2009 16.90 Download
Activities technical reports and Presentations Minimize
 TitleOwnerCategoryLast UpdatedSize (Kb) 
Last version of the NAUSICAA bibliography review P2.2 AdministratorPDF file14/10/2006 468.86 Download
Phase A long Report Manuela Di CosimoPdf22/01/2009 7,511.70 Download
PHASE A report - SHORT VERSION (light) P2.2 AdministratorPdf file28/10/2006 461.90 Download
Phase B report - Short version (light) P2.2 AdministratorPDF17/01/2008 2,565.82 Download
PHASE C long report Manuela Di CosimoPDF file22/01/2009 29,135.99 Download
PHASE C report short version (light) P2.2 Administratorpdf18/02/2008 1,821.08 Download
Présentation Conférence de Démarrage des SP, Presentazione Conferenza di Avvio dei SP, SP Start-up Conference Presentation (Roma, avril 2006) Selene pedetta pecciaPDF file10/04/2009 652.50 Download
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