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«Strategic management of beach protection for sustainable development

of Mediterranean coastal zones»



Interaction of Sand and Posidonia Oceanica with the environment of Natural Dunes



The subproject POSIDUNE Minimize

The subproject aims to promote an exchange of experience and technical knowledge concerning the management of the beach-dune system. Along with monitoring initiatives this will allow the description of physical and biological characteristics of the coastal environment, assessment of the effectiveness of morphological reconstruction interventions of dunes and, possibly, identification of innovative technology which make use of Posidonia oceanica remains (or other marine phanerogams or algae) on the beaches. The first phase of the subproject will consist in bibliographical research and the archiving of information drawn from scientific publications and sector specific technical reports in order to identify existing issues, define the methodological guidelines for the management of beach biomasses, and the protection and recovery of dune systems. The second phase aims to define methodologies for the recovery and consolidation of coastal dunes using innovative bioengineering techniques via the planting of autochthonous plant species, in order to stabilize aeolic deposits and use remains of Posidonia oceanica on the beaches as a fertiliser, helping coastal vegetation to survive. This will encourage focus on environmental and socioeconomic factors when planning interventions on the beaches. (a similar approach has the twofold advantage of reducing the masses of plant residues on the beach and fertilising sand sediments. Positive feedback may also occur between the biological and sedimentary components such as an increase in flexibility, resilience and dynamic stability of the beach-dune system). The third phase will enable chosen pilot sites to take advantage of some the developed methodologies and, via monitoring activities that will follow these interventions, verify the effectiveness of the techniques applied.


Administrative and managing documents Minimize
 TitleOwnerCategoryLast UpdatedSize (Kb) 
Contrat de Subvention, Contratto di Sovvenzione, Subsidy Contract P3.4 Administrator 01/03/2007 713.48 Download
Convention Interpartenariale, Convenzione Interpartenariale, Cooperation Agreement Selene pedetta peccia 20/04/2009 330.02 Download
Dossier de Candidature consolidé, Dossier di candidatura consolidato, Retained Candidature Form - 15/05/06 P3.4 Administrator 09/02/2007 609.10 Download
I Rapport d'Avancement P3.4 Administrator 01/03/2007 834.19 Download
II Rapport d'Avancement P3.4 Administrator 01/03/2007 764.23 Download
III Rapport d'Avancement P3.4 Administrator 19/12/2007 243.60 Download
IV Rapport d'Avancement P3.4 Administrator 04/02/2008 257.95 Download
POSIDUNE I Budget Modification - documents P3.4 Administrator 04/03/2008 2,613.04 Download
POSIDUNE II Budget Modification - documents P3.4 Administrator 04/03/2008 367.27 Download
POSIDUNE III Budget Modification - documents P3.4 Administrator 04/03/2008 355.93 Download
Rapport de Démarrage Selene pedetta peccia 10/04/2009 775.71 Download
Activities technical reports and Presentations Minimize
 TitleOwnerCategoryLast UpdatedSize (Kb) 
Cahier Technique étendu de Phase A Selene pedetta pecciaReports20/04/2009 31,184.80 Download
Cahier Technique étendu de Phase B Selene pedetta pecciaText20/04/2009 5,945.44 Download
Cahier Technique étendu de Phase C Silvia BellaciccoText21/01/2009 14,363.65 Download
Présentation Conférence Avancement Phase C Selene pedetta pecciaPresentations20/04/2009 24,789.50 Download
Présentation Conférence de Démarrage des SP, Presentazione Conferenza di Avvio dei SP, SP Start-up Conference Presentation Selene pedetta pecciaPresentations20/04/2009 456.77 Download
Présentation Conférence de Phase A, Presentazione Conferenza di Fase A, Phase A Conference Presentation Selene pedetta pecciaPresentations20/04/2009 1,797.36 Download
Présentation Conférence de Phase B Selene pedetta pecciaPresentations20/04/2009 4,889.09 Download
Resume SP Meeting Selene pedetta pecciaProceedings20/04/2009 853.90 Download
Revisione bibliografica, Revue bibliographique, Bibliographic review Selene pedetta pecciaReports20/04/2009 226.02 Download
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